Why Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation?

Physical medicine and rehabilitation treats a wide variety of medical conditions and provides patients with an effective treatment plan for numerous injuries, illnesses and disabilities. In fact, most people first learn about physical medicine and rehabilitation after an injury or other such event. Traumatic events from auto accidents or sports-related injuries often require the intervention of physical medicine for rehabilitation.

The team at LifeQuest uses multiple diagnostic tools to assess injuries during the treatment process to ensure recovery progress. Our experts check the patient’s entire body for potential causes of pain and discomfort in order to develop a tailored rehabilitation program.

LifeQuest specializes in non-invasive physical medicine and rehabilitation treatments that work on patients who can’t handle general anesthesia or the blood loss associated with major surgery.

If you are unsure if your injury can or should be treated with physical medicine and rehabilitation, chances are it can and should. Call our office for an evaluation of your condition and our services to know for sure what physical medicine and rehabilitation can do for you.

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