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A Physical Rehabilitation Center in Chandler, AZ

Our clinic provides advanced diagnostics, preventive care, and physical rehabilitation in Chandler, AZ. With our corrective chiropractic services and the combined effort of our patient-focused staff, we are your allies for optimal recovery.

Whether you need pain relief after an accident, address a specific condition, or simply improve your overall health and wellness, we’re here to help. Our qualified healthcare professionals will strive to help you regain control of your health and wellbeing.

An Integrated Approach to Recovery

We have an integrated approach to treating our patients, and we put emphasis on total body treatment. We not only use chiropractic care, physical rehab, and massage therapy but also incorporate medication as a means to treat pain and avoid future problems.

Instead of chiropractic adjustments, we focus on corrective care, which involves understanding the problem and addressing it directly.

To succeed in this approach, we collaborate with you and your family or caretaker. Our physicians will work with you closely and design the most suitable rehabilitative program for you. Some of the conditions we treat are the following:

  • Repetitive stress injuries 
  • Sports injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Work-related injuries
  • General pains
  • Impingement syndromes
  • Muscular tightness and tension
  • Joint pains
  • Headache and migraine
  • Spinal conditions
  • Medical weight loss
  • Pediatric chiropractic care
  • Post-surgical rehab
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Spinal and postural screenings & corrections
  • Arthritis and other orthopedic issues

We put an emphasis on regenerative physical rehab. We rehabilitate through traction, stretching, decompression, posture correcting and other modalities. We want to make sure your range of motion and function is back to “normal.” With this approach, we can help you get back to the activities you love and pave your way to a stronger and fitter self.

A Place for Healing and Comfort

Our facility is not only state-of-the-art, but it’s also a family-friendly place where you can recover in peace and utmost comfort. Our caring staff will see to it that you’re completely informed and confident about each procedure, and that you’re getting all the support you need.

We will also share with you some exercises you can do in the comfort of your home to expedite your recovery outside the clinic. Take a virtual tour to get a glimpse of our well-equipped clinic. 

A Highly-Trained Staff Focused on Your Needs

Patient experience takes priority in our physical rehab center in Chandler, AZ. A licensed chiropractor and physician, along with board-certified medical assistants and licensed massage therapists, will develop and implement a personalized treatment plan for you.

Whether it’s a minor joint pain or serious spine condition, trust us to deliver the same level of care and expertise. Every visit to our clinic takes you one step closer to a better quality of life.

Don’t let functional limitations and impairments prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Take the path to a pain-free life with LifeQuest Physical Medicine and Rehab.

 Schedule a consultation with us today to find out how we can help. 

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  • "I have had sciatic pain for years! throwing hundreds of dollars for massages that only temporarily helped. Dr. Scharf understood sciatic and back pain personally and has helped me find a long term solution. I have less pain, more energy and a better understanding of how to manage my sciatic. This is the office to go to if you want long term relief."
    Kellen E. Chandler, AZ
  • "I like the chiropractor because he has helped me a lot. It has helped keep my spine straight."
    Joey S. (age 4 1/2)
  • "Thank you Dr. Scharf and Breinn! My neck feels so much better than when I first came in about 3 months ago. What a difference and I have been to many great chiropractors. None have been able to bring progressively better & better long last relief to my neck. The traction REALLY made a big difference!"